AWS Services Vs OpenStack

AWS has numerous services and it’s easy to get lost for beginners regarding what is for what. Meanwhile, as an open source advocator, I’m always interested to know what are the open source alternatives. To be fair, without open source code, none of existing cloud computing and big data platform would even exist.
Hence, I come up with the following table categorizing the key AWS services, each with a one-line interpretation; In addition, it also shows its corresponding OpenStack component, if there is one. Hopeful it’s helpful for you when either wandering through the AWS services or OpenStack one.

As you probably have noticed, AWS has much more services than OpenStackcan offer. That’s true.
OpenStack is more an Infrastructure As A Service(IaaS) solution, while AWS offers the solutions for all the other Xass - you name it, they have it: PaaSCaaSFaaS. And actually it is not just a “MeToo” solution, AWS actually leading the trend in some cases, such as Lambda, which is an offering for FaaS(Function As A service), or serverless, if you like. We might have more comparison regarding the open source solutions and AWS on those areas in the future, but this table primary compares the OpenStack and AWS.
WhatFor WhatOpenStack
ELBLoad Balancer
AutoScalingAuto Scaling
ECSContainer, Docker based
LambdaFunction/runtime cloud
S3Object storageSwift
EBSBlock storageCinder
EFSNetwork filesystem service used by EC2
GlacierData archive/backup
VPCVirtual Private Cloud
Route 53DNS Service & RoutingNeutron
RDSRelation Database ServerTrove
AuroraAmazon’s managed RDS
DynamoDBNoSQL data store
ElastiCachein-memory cache use redis,memcached
RedshiftData warehouse
AthenaAnalysis by sql
KinesisStream Analysis
EMRHadoop/Spark on AWSSahara
AWS IoTIoT Devices, Mqtt broker
GreengrassIoT Gateway ,Lambda on Gateway
LexSpeech to text & NLP/NLU, think Alexa
PollyText to speech
RekognitionImage Analysis
MLClassification and prediction
MobileSDKaccess/use AWS services on mobile
Device Farmapp test on devices
Appl. Svs
API GatewayREST API to access AWS services
SQSMessage QueueZaqar
SNSNotification Service
IAMidentity&access controlKeystone
CloudFmtionService OrchestrationHEAT
CloudWatchAWS resource monitor
CloudTrailAWS API call log
AdvisorAWS best practise Advisor