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The main Concept of Buddhism

I came up following diagram out of three purposes.

First, I wanted to sort out the main concepts of Buddhism and see how they connected. Although I had done it several times in paper when learning, but it's the first time I tried to put all of them together with nice colored diagram in digital form so that I can share them.

Second, I found cross-referencing the chinese terminology & english translation is very useful for learning. Chinese terminology is compact and profound. The flip side is sometimes its is difficult to grasp its essence.  English translation has the advantage of simplicity and can be used as a comparison or reference . And the bonus point is I wish I can make a very tiny contribution regarding to bridge the Chinese Buddhism and the western Buddhism world. 

Finally, I want to show that Buddhism probably is more about wisdom than religion. It has the most profound theories and practice.  Look at the diagram. Doesn't it look a system archicture  for a complex software?  It has lots of subsystems and they are interconnected. I have lot of good words to say about Buddhism but I will stop here since I'm not qualified to preach it. For what Buddhism really about,  you should look at the book   by my respected Dharma teacher Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse. 

Wish those who see the article can build a connection with Buddhism sometime, not necessary now but at the right time.

The main concept of Buddhism

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